The water jet cutting is very modern technology which allows to cut very precise products with no thermal stress and no material deformation. Cutting in 3D and under an angle available. Cut out part can be used immediately without any additional processing. It provides very fast operation. We have six machines and that is why can make all our customers satisfied even those with their highest demands. 24 hours delivery time available after special agreement.

  • material thickness up to 250mm with a bevel elimination
  • six machines with maximal table dimensions 4×3m (8×3m available)
  • cutting materials are not thermally or chemically stressed
  • no chemical influence on cutting material and no microcracks
  • high efficiency regarding material consumption
  • high cutting accuracy ±0,1mm
  • cut free of burrs
  • more quality levels of the cut Q1-Q5


Flexible solution for cutting square and rectangular shapes. CNC saw for vertical cutting without bevel and with no thermal and chemical product stress. No tension and no semiproduct deformation.

  • material thickness 150mm max.
  • table 6×2m
  • precise vertical cuts
  • high accuracy of the cut
  • no thermal deformation
  • clean cutting edges and no burrs
  • ideal for next processing


Quick and very efficient shape firings no matter which shape, size and dimensions.

  • material thickness 150mm max.
  • table 3×6m
  • the cut quality moves in ISO 9019 2-4 tolerance what gives an
  • insignificant angle error and dimension accuracy
  • short delivery time thanks high cutting velocity


Marking fiber laser with output 20W for marking, describing and engraving into steel, stainless and other metals. This laser marks also brass, copper, aluminium and other colour metals up to 200×200mm very fast and extremely preciously. Marking in colour shades available. Fiber engraves up to 200×200mm and CO2  engraver cuts plastic materials, wood, rubber and others up to 1000×1000mm.


We use hitech fiber and CO2  lasers

  • cutting area 3000×1500mm, 4000x2000mm
  • accuracy (position error) ±0,1mm
  • weight of semi-finished product 1280 kg max.
  • structural steel, carbon steel, low-alloy steel up to thickness 40 mm
  • alloy steel, stainless steel up to thickness 40 mm
  • aluminiumbase alloy up to thickness 20 mm
  • minimal processing of the edges after the cut
  • high cutting flexibility
  • cutting of complicated shapes available
  • smooth and clean surface
  • high quality and cutting accuracy